Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Week 3 Picks

Chicago -3.0 bet 10 units.
-6.5 bet 15 units
Seattle -3.5 bet 5 units
Philly -6.0 bet 10 units

Opening Balance: minus 15 units
For the week = 4 bets, 40 units.

NFL Power Ratings. Other People's Picks.

Sponsor mashup: phil.rice is less.than.perfect in Aurora, CO. Mortgage fraud on the 1300 block of Florence St. Don't get screwed by Alphonso Jackson when the good people at Windsor Capital or 3 Point Financial can get 'er done. Real Estate Signs and Butler did IT. Free comp check. MKG Appraisal Services in Aurora, Colorado. Spider Food. Don't blame Drupal. How to web 2.0 using the power of the crowd against the spread.


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